A photo of president Rudin dressed professionally.

A Note from President Rudin

Dear 狮子 Community,

我很高兴地向大家介绍人们期待已久的德州大学护理与健康科学大楼&M University-Commerce!

这个美丽的设施将使我们能够满足东德克萨斯州和其他地区日益增长的医疗保健需求. 在这里, 未来的医疗保健领导者将在我们的临床学习中心学习救生技能, 教师将在我们最先进的实验室进行领先的医疗保健研究.

建筑的开放式设计展示了教育,促进了合作学习体验. Students will engage with peers using interactive elements, like writable whiteboard walls and tables, technology for connected group work sessions, and Active Learning Environment classrooms designed for high-impact education.

The clear glass exterior reminds us that our work doesn't end here. A&移动商务不仅致力于关心我们的社区,也致力于关心我们的国家、民族和世界. We are ready to partner with outside industries, healthcare providers and school systems to expand training programs, innovative research and community outreach.

A bright future lies ahead for A&M-Commerce. With our new Nursing and 健康 Science Building, we can ensure that A&移动商务将继续在德克萨斯州培养顶尖的教育工作者和医疗工作者.

Please stop by and tour the facility the next time you're on campus. You will be amazed!

Go 狮子s!

The president signature.
Mark Rudin

健康 is more than a discipline. It's an integrated mission.

Opened in 2020, 我们的护理和健康科学大楼为创新提供了一个协作空间, growth and discovery. The three-story facility features a simulation hospital, teaching kitchen, laboratories and learning centers. 你将有机会使用领先的技术进行公共卫生方面的高级研究, nursing, body mechanics, nutrition and wellness, and kinesiology.

Students departing nursing and health sciences building.

What We Do

Five years ago, A&移动商务联合起来的目的只有一个:改善德克萨斯州东北部的医疗保健. Together, the Department of Nursing, 健康与人类行为部和再生生物医学研究所正在努力实现这一目标.

A Once Broken Heart is Being Restored

Located in the new 健康 Science Center, the Biomedical Institute for Regenerative Research (BIRR) is a new venture of A&M-Commerce that discovers ways to reduce damage and restore hearts. While here, 你将与一个著名的科学家团队一起探索突破性的发现. We're paving the way in cardiac regenerative research. Are you ready to join?

Two nursing students getting hand-on experience in the simulation lab.

Treating Patients, Caring for 人

健康care continues to change. 在一个&M-Commerce, we're evolving with it. 我们国家认可的护理计划使用最新的技术,为我们的学生准备一个不断变化的世界. While here, 你将加入一个由追求卓越护理教育的教师和学生组成的社区, practice and administration. Discover how you can make a difference. Explore our nursing program today!

Transforming Lives in Commerce and Beyond

Improving rural health is our mission. You can help make this happen. Featured in our Nursing and 健康 Science Building, 我们的健康和人类绩效部有一个目标:有所作为. 加入我们的团队,因为我们发现新的方法来预防疾病,促进健康和提供支持. 在一个&移动商务,我们正在为我们的社区、国家和世界的美好未来铺平道路.

Students during a yoga session inside the nursing and health sciences building.

教师 Spotlight

Student Profiles

Our Work Is Local, But Our Vision Is Global.

无论是在国内还是国外,我们都致力于改善我们周围人的福祉. Graduates from A&移动商务已经遍布世界各地,带来了他们的知识和服务. Through our shared vision of transforming lives, we are creating solutions to an ever-changing, ever-growing world.

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